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Welcome to The Pencilneck’s ® Wildlife Art Gallery!

Owen’s wildlife art is sought by collectors worldwide due to his meticulous research and attention to detail. Several of these prints are released as part of a series.

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HIS MAJESTY - Wildlife art chalk art lion drawing by Owen Garratt framed

Lion Chalk Drawing by Owen Garratt

APPARITION - Wildlife art chalk art snowy owl drawing by Owen Garratt framed

Snowy Owl Drawing in Chalk

DIRE - Wildlife art chalk art tiger drawing by Owen Garratt framed

Chalk Drawing of a Tiger

SILVERBACK - Wildlife art chalk art gorilla drawing by Owen Garratt framed

Gorilla Drawing in Chalk

THE PRIZEFIGHTER - buffalo drawing bison Farm art pencil drawing by Owen Garratt framed

Buffalo Drawing by Owen Garratt

THE MATRIARCH - Wildlife art pencil African elephant art drawing by Owen Garratt framed

Elephant Pencil Drawing by Owen Garratt

TAKIN A PEEK - Wildlife art pencil chipmunk art drawing by Owen Garratt framed

Pencil Drawing of a Chipmunk LOW INVENTORY!

HUSH - Wildlife art pencil wolf print art drawing by Owen Garratt framed

The Second Wolf Pencil Drawing in a Series

WHITE WOLF OF THOMPSON - Wildlife art pencil wolf art drawing by Owen Garratt framed

First Wolf Drawing in a Series – SOLD OUT


RIPPLE - Wildlife art pencil Canada Goose art drawing by Owen Garratt framed

The First and Last in a Series of Canada Goose Art


Wildlife Pencil Art Gallery

Pencil Drawings

A continuing series of wildlife pencil art

T his is where my career began.

There was a time, waaaay back in the mid to late 90’s when wildlife art was everywhere. You couldn’t throw a rock in a crowd without hitting someone calling themselves a wildlife artist.

Thanks to artists like Robert Bateman, John Seery-Lester, and many others, wildlife art became the defacto art for the Average Jane and Joe.

To be perfectly clear: I’m not dissing them, not at all. I was lucky enough to meet these gentlemen early in my career, and I’m happy to say they were very complimentary of my efforts, highly encouraging, and perfect gentlemen in every sense of the word.

The problem when any style of art that becomes popular is that every hack and wannabe artist who can fog a mirror and lift a brush tries to horn in on the action.

Including, I must admit, yours truly.

But my great-grandfather was Dr Dick Bird, who was one of the very first generations of cinematographers at the turn of the 20th Century.

Greatdad did much of the early Walt Disney nature films, as well as films for The Autobahn Society, and he lectured numerous times at The Smithsonian Institute.

And he was my absolute hero.

He didn’t really get going until his 50’s when he married his housekeeper (who was nearly 30 years younger than he was…go Greatdad!), and spent years traveling the world and filming wildlife.

So, I figured, “why not?”, and I threw my hat in the ring.

I learned very quickly that there was much more to being a wildlife artist than combing through National Geographics looking for photos to copy (which is a copyright no-no!)

You have to go and meet your subjects…


Hobknobbing in Tinseltown

Legendary Hollywood producer Peter Guber wasn't really poking Owen in the eye with his portrait, but as Peter used to head up Sony Pictures and racked up 120 Academy Award nominations and Executive Produced blockbusters including Batman, Gorillas in the Mist, The Color Purple, Rain Man, Midnight Express, The Witches of Eastwick, and about a zillion others...well, who are we to discourage a little ocular trauma between friends?

Owen has also done portraits for Hollywood stars Adam West, Joan Rivers, Adam West, and William Shatner (none of whom tried to poke Owen's eye out).

Owen also won the Los Angeles TV Festival with a 6-minute video clip slid in on a lark at the last minute. Apparently nobody else bothered to enter, because Owen won the $10,000 first place prize and got flown to LA for a schmancy reception at the Highland Club, where they used to film American Idol.

Which ruffled a few feathers among the locals...

You can read about that little adventure in The Adventures of The Pencilneck Blog.

(with a Bostonian accent)
"I'd like to tank Owen for dis here pahrtrait by dabbing him in the eye wid it..."

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“Thank you both for the wonderful and INCREDIBLE job that you did on our commission piece. I am thoroughly impressed and it has definitely impressed the big boss – making me look good in the process! 🙂

I’m amazed at the intricate details that you can see from afar - and close up! We are thoroughly in awe with everything!

Owen and Karla, you are both definitely talented in your respective fields! Thank you once again and I had fun working with you both.”

Miranda Wong
Bucyrus Inc

Reliability at Work by Owen Garratt