The Matriarch

  • Elephant drawing by Owen Garratt
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The Matriarch

Elephant drawing by Owen Garratt

W hen Hudson was a toddler, we were enjoying a day at the zoo when this elephant got a bit huffy. 

I don’t know what set her off. I guess sometimes you just think “Screw it. I’m not putting up with this.” 

We were looking at her, and Hudson was correctly identifying her as an African elephant when she put her ears forward, scooped up some sand, and showered it at us.

Not over the crowd as a whole, not over herself by way of cooling off…at us. Unequivocally.

As I was spitting dust and shaking it out of my hair, Hudson promptly grabbed up a fistful and gave it right back.

The elephant flinched and trumpeted – I guess she wasn’t used to any sass-back, and it looked like a scrap was going to break out until a zookeeper came over and pounced on us. 

“She started it!” Hudson retorted, and righteously, just like Kramer and the chimp on Seinfeld!

I roared with laughter at the coincidence and looked around to see if anyone else picked up on it, but the crowd was tut-tutting, clucking their tongues, and sniffing in cool disapproval.

Anyhoo, a while after I finished this drawing, I was interviewed on television, and I dragged this out as part of the show-and-tell.  When I got home, Hudson said “Daddy! My elephant drawing was on TV!”

“Uh … did you see Daddy?”

“Yeah, but my elephant drawing was cool!”



Swimming with sharks

Is a big deal, especially when you're doing a portrait for Barbara Corcoran from TV's "Shark Tank". Owen's done portraits for numerous business people, but the more notable ones include:

  • Ivanka Trump
  • Rick Cesari - infomercial producer behind The Juiceman, Sonicare toothbrush, OxiClean, and the George Foreman grill
  • Dan Kennedy - author and entrepreneurial guru
  • Mark Victor Hansen, the bestselling author of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books
  • Billionaire Steve Forbes - Y'know, the Forbes 400 List?

Have Owen do a portrait for your inner tycoon!


Owen with Barbara Corcoran from TV's "Shark Tank"

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What Others Are Saying About Owen's Art

“Since 2000 we’ve bought over 300 of Owen Garratt’s limited edition prints to use as gifts, donations and prizes. Our staff has also purchased numerous prints for themselves, and I personally own a couple of Owen’s originals.”

Tim Boychuk
Boychuk Transport

"Owen Garratt’s art has proven to be one of our most sought after promotional pieces among our consultants and customers."

Tawndra L. Calhoun
Pure Energy Services Partnership

“Owen’s incredible pencil sketches are very well received as corporate donations. He is a pleasure to deal with and very accommodating”

Lorene Curre
CH4 Compression Services Ltd

“Since 2000 we’ve been using Owen’s prints for staff, fundraisers, and charities. The Pencilneck’s ® team has always gone the extra mile for us!”

Glenn Bohay
The Co-operators

Additional Details

  • Published from an Original Pencil Drawing
  • Limited Edition of 1968 Prints
  • Artist's Proofs of 196 Proofs
  • Image Size 9 1/4" by 13 1/4"
  • Framed Size 20" by 24"
    © Owen Garratt


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  1. Charles

    My wife and I have this piece and we love it!

    • The Pencilneck

      Thanks Charles! Glad you like it!

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