The Pencilneck’s ® Disjointed Musings on Life, Music, Food, Books, Movies, and Art


A 21st Century Hemingway: part James Bond, part Nero Wolfe, part that Interesting Dos Equis beer guy.

But when the delusions pass, he’s a doting father, hectored husband, and man-child who occasionally draws things.

Hoedown in Hollywood

Maybe it’s the smog, maybe it’s the botox, or maybe it’s the lack of red meat, but Hollywood types seem to have absolutely no interest in making good television.

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Assassinating Stanley

Dad’s riding mower was his pride and joy, but he made the mistake of teaching me to drive at a young age. It’s how I got embroiled in the affair of Assassinating Stanley.

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Drawing White

I tend to build up the tones on the page and dial in the detail towards the finish line. Waitaminute. You can’t draw white… rats!

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