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From the Arctic Circle to the Gulf of Mexico, Owen Garratt’s oilfield art pencil drawings are bestsellers due to his relentless research and authentic depictions of the gas and oil industries.

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“You Draw Oil Rigs?!”

W  hen other artists ask me what kind of art I do, they always register surprise when I tell them I do a lot of oilfield art.

The snootier ones say things like “I can’t imagine there’s much artistic merit in that“, or “Dear me, people don’t actually buy them, do they?”

Well yes, there is, and yes, they do.

It makes perfect sense for me to draw scenes from the oil patch. I need to make a disclaimer; I’ve never actually worked on an oil rig. Not that they would take me, being a hazard to self and others. But my late father spent many years on the rigs, I have lifelong friends in the business, and I had thousands of customers in the oil industry before I drew my first oil rig piece.

I know these folks.

In fact, one could beg the question “What else would I draw?”

What these art snobs can’t seem to understand is that I’m not drawing for them. I’m drawing for the people I know.