Shipping FAQ

If you can’t get what you’re after on the website, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

You can also order by phone!

How much is shipping for one of Owen’s framed limited edition prints?

We ship for FREE in Canada and the Continental US!  We appreciate our clients and members, and we’ve worked out some nice rates, so we thought we’d share the love!

Alaska, Hawaii and International orders have shipping calculated at checkout.

Otherwise, the only shipping charges we have is $6.95 for the folks who take us up on our Free Mini Print Offer.


Why do you charge $3.95 shipping for the free mini?

The free mini is kind of like the gals who hand out crackers at Costco – a free sample to get you hooked!

Unfortunately there’s always a few freeloaders who want something for nothing.  To be frank, the $3.95 isn’t about penny-pinching (in fact it often costs us more than $3.95 to ship a free mini), it’s to separate the moochers from people who’re genuinely appreciative of Owen’s art and would like to try it on for size, so to speak.

We’d also like to point out that when people upgrade to take advantage of our 50% off framing special on the free mini, we don’t increase the shipping…it’s still only $3.95!


How do you ship to us?A Pencilneck Schtick Fig Holding A Fed EX Ground Sign

We ship via Fed Ex ground.

If you have other shipping preferences, feel free to call us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


Do you offer overnight shipping?



No?!  Why not?!?

Because Owen’s art isn’t warehoused in a big stack waiting for a shipping label to be slapped on it and get shovelled out the door.

EACH print is custom framed by The Groovy Framing Elves ™ when your order comes in. We engrave the custom plaques to order, we frame, mat and package each print specifically for each client; it’s not “add water and stir”.

Having said that if you have special needs, then CALL US!  We work hard to keep our clients happy, and a few minutes chatting on the phone will help us fulfill any special requirements that you may have.  If you need something fast, don’t screw around with the website – please, give us a call and we’ll do the best we can for you!


How long does it take to build an order and ship it out?

From the time you place an order, depending to some extent on the size of that order and seasonal (Christmas, golf season) rushes, we get over 90% of our orders framed and on the truck in 2 business days.

The Groovy Framing Elves aren’t just meticulous…they’re quick!

The vast majority of our client’s receive their orders within a week of placing it…and if there’s any reason for delay, we’ll contact you as soon as we know about it.

But like most things in life, it’s better to get things done earlier rather than later…


How are my prints packaged?

Carefully!  See our Pencilneck ® Shipping Crates page.


What if my print(s) are damaged when I get them?

CALL US!  You’ll also have to notify the shipping company right away – but we’ll make sure you’re taken care of, including getting a new order out to you ASAP.

We’ll verify with you on the phone, but typically we’ll just get you to seal up the package again and return it – and send it collect – we’ll handle everything.


Will you ship direct and gift wrap direct to my clients?

You betcha!  There’s a nominal drop shipping/gift wrapping charge of $15 per print.

Not to be too repetitive here, but you need to CALL US and we’d be happy to get everything set up for you.

Here’s the scoop: The Spotty Internet Trolls do a pretty rotten job for us (see page), but even for true propellorheads it’s almost impossible to program a website and shopping cart to handle things that are simple over the phone.

By phoning the order in, we can make sure that the right people get the right prints with the right inscriptions on the plaques sent to the right addresses.

Besides, we love talking to our clients one-on-one!


Do you ship to Box Numbers? P.O. Boxes?

Sorry.  FedEx still won’t allow this (curse them).  We need a physical address.

Again, if there’re problems or special circumstances, CALL US and we’ll do whatever we can to help!