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Born and bred on a windswept prairie Owen’s farm art captures the feeling and vastness of the west

Most of the Limited Edition Prints featured in this gallery are part of a series

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SOLD OUT HARVEST 1954 - Farming artwork pencil drawing by Owen Garratt framed

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THE CHAPERONE - cow art Farm art pencil drawing by Owen Garratt framed

Art depicting life with cattle

Farm Art Gallery

Farming Pencil Art Limited Edition Prints

A continuing series of Farm Pencil Art

I t’s impossible to explain the allure of west to people who haven’t bothered to come here.

But they sure do have their own ideas on what it’s like, don’t they?

“Wide open spaces”

Sure, that’s a given. There’s room to move, and to think. Or in my case, draw.

As much as I enjoy mountains, I find that I’m most settled when I can see sky and horizons meeting. 

But some people wig out. They feel as if they’re going to float away or something.

There’s a saying in the Navy that “People from the prairies make the best sailors”. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but to the extent it is, I suspect it’s that prairie folk are used to seeing out to the horizon.

“It’s too flat! Too boring!”

These are the people who drive through the west and never bother to get out of the car except at gas stations.

Sure, driving from Salt Lake City to Houston, or from Jasper to Winnipeg can be exhausting, but so can driving from Chicago to Miami.

If these whiners would bother getting out and experiencing the west without the windshield, and meet some folks, and take some time, of course they’d fall in love with it.

“It smells funny!”

That’s fresh air. Deal with it.

“It’s too windy!”

Compared to what? Chicago? LA? Any beach in the world?  Air moves. 

“It’s too dry!”

Sure, I guess. But it also means the heat isn’t as punishing because the humidity is lower, and the cold doesn’t burrow into you either.

The oldest I’ve even been in my life was waiting for a bus in Scotland at 10 Degrees F. (-12C). Humidity sucks.

Face it: the west is awesome!

Owen on Memories

"The events in my life - marriage, fatherhood, laughter with worthwhile people, bereavements, good songs, bad choices, onslaughts of challenges and occasional triumphs are all reflected in the drawings I create.

The artwork may have nothing to do with the event, but every drawing is charged with the emotions of the time.

It's like hearing that certain song come on the radio and BOOM - you're right back in high school with a broken heart...

I don't see the subjects of my drawings, really. I'm pulled back into what was happening in my life at the time I was drawing it. It demonstrates how life and art are inextricably linked."


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Folks use Owen's art for all kinds of things...

“Starting in 2002, we’ve been using Owen Garratt’s prints for Christmas parties, golf prizes, and charity auctions. People LOVE them, and the organizers always ask us for more of Owen’s work or next time!”

Lisa Beier
IMAC Design Group

"This is a spectacular display of customer service!! These are being used, ironically enough, as awards/appreciations for an Executive Sales Management series that emphasizes all aspects of extraordinary customer service.

I will be speaking to the group, using your example here, as a great example of “How it should be done”!

Thanks again for your excellent service!"

Brian Normoyle
NOV Quality Tubing

"After 32 years in the realm of Real Estate, I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, his work has been the best house warming gift that I have given my clients--they are just thrilled and the nice thing is that they can exchange it for another if it doesn't suit them. I am very proud to arrive at their door with an original gift!

Thanks for everything, Owen,!"

Diana Huibers
Haida Realty/Coldwell Banker

“I gave Owen’s art as gifts to some top executives in the Pipeline industry. They were delightedly received as something out of the ordinary that they would proudly hang on their wall. The customer service from Owen’s team and their knowledge and friendliness was a breath of fresh air and they are a pleasure to work with.”

Tianne Mellor