Golf Art Pencil Gallery

Stroll along in Owen Garratt’s Online Golf Art Gallery and see his continuing series of limited edition golf art prints!

Hundreds of requests by his corporate clients finally led Owen to begin a series of pencil drawings with a golfing theme…despite his complete ineptness at the game.

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FORE - Golf artwork pencil drawing by Owen Garratt framed

Golf Artwork of The Links

FORE - Golf pencil drawing by Owen Garratt framed

Golf Pencil Drawing of a Battle on The Links

KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL - Golf art pencil drawing by Owen Garratt framed

Golf Print of a Bygone Tournament

FIRST HOLE - Golf drawing by Owen Garratt framed

Golf Drawing from Olden Times

Golf Art Pencil Gallery

Pencil Drawing Prints of Golf and Golfers

A continuing series of golf pencil art

G olf art?!

I enjoy the game, I do!

But I’m no dashed good at it.

And if you grew up where I did, and you have the same buddies as I do, you’ll know that The Fellas are definitely Old School when it comes to making fun of each other.

In these modern enlightened times, we are definitely an anachronism. Nowadays it’s everyone wins, a trophy for all, and encouragement abounds.

Not so for us.

Back home, it’s not so much the winning that counts; it’s how bad you can make your opponents feel. 

You see, true friendship is about keeping each other tough. Life is hard. It’ll get you. So we must keep ourselves calloused and scarred to keep life from knocking us on our arses.

It’s what friends are for!

It’s no good to tell a chap who’s just topped the ball “Good try! You’re really doing great! You almost had it there!”  You’re setting up unrealistic life expectations.

This same chap might start thinking he can actually do things, and may become delusional enough to try them. Then life comes along and clips him one behind the ear with a 2×4, and the poor chump is down for the count.

No, clearly the thing to do is to shower the ball topper with scorn, ridicule, harsh language, and cutting humor.

If the ball topper can laugh and counterpunch, then he is truly on his way to success!  You can clip this man with a 2×4 and he’ll shrug it off and say “Pardon me, I didn’t see you there.”

And of course, if a chap makes a spectacular play and soundly trounces his opponents, he is entitled to high praise, congratulations, and several beverages. Who doesn’t like to see some butt-kicking? And if you can manage it, your peers should acknowledge it.

Unless you’re an arse. In fact, that’s the test: if you kick ass and The Fellas aren’t appreciative, you’re an arsehole.

Back home, the Laws of the Jungle still hold sway, and I have grown soft with City Living, and no longer have the crust to war with these gentlemen.

But I’ll drive the cart and provide beverages and witty banter. 

That I can do!

Owen On Working

“I either work, or don’t work; I don’t do well if I dabble.

If I’m drawing, I can’t be distracted with phone calls, business meetings, or anything that isn’t directly related to the paper in front of me.

It doesn’t happen by accident, it has to be managed and planned out in advance, and all of the people around me have learned to allow for it, and know how to deal with whatever pops up.

However this has become a big issue since I became a Dad; my output has dropped precipitously…but Lego time has skyrocketed!

I figure I’ll be a crabby old man for a lot longer than I’ll be the Father of Little Boys, and I mean to get the most out of it.”

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