The Boys

O wen and The Colonel have had three beautiful sons: Jackson, Hudson and Harding.

Their boys mean everything to them, and Owen especially treats fatherhood as a way to stretch out his own adolescence.

“Being a dad is the best, most important thing I’ve ever done. I may revel in this whole ‘frat-boy/man-child’ thing, but fatherhood also implies leadership.   It’s not enough to tell our sons about Life, we also have to show them.  By example.

It’s my duty as a father and a man to grab hold and wring every last bit of juice out of life that I can.

So I’ve made the conscious decision to live life in a big way.  Engage.  Experience.  Grow.  Climb above the treeline and slay the dragon.  Avoid boors and tyrants.  Roll up your sleeves and put your shoulders into it.  Sob and roar when you have to.  And laugh.  A lot.

Life is an active process – not a passive one. “


Hand signed and Numbered by Owen

Owen hand signs and numbers every single Limited Edition Print, and a seal is embossed over his signature.

If you see a print purporting to be Owen's without his signature and seal, it's not an authentic Owen Garratt Pencilneck ® Limited Edition Print.

Our 'Easy as Pie' Guarantee

If you’re EVER unhappy with one of Owen Garratt’s Limited Edition Prints, just return it to us in undamaged condition with your receipt, and we will refund the FULL purchase price of that receipt, or you can trade it in for a different Limited Edition Print of the same size.

This INCLUDES the people you give them you never have to worry about giving the wrong one!!!

For more info check out our Easy as Pie Guarantee.

What Others Are Saying About Owen's Art

“Since 2000 we’ve bought over 300 of Owen Garratt’s limited edition prints to use as gifts, donations and prizes. Our staff has also purchased numerous prints for themselves, and I personally own a couple of Owen’s originals.”

Tim Boychuk
Boychuk Transport

"Owen Garratt’s art has proven to be one of our most sought after promotional pieces among our consultants and customers."

Tawndra L. Calhoun
Pure Energy Services Partnership

“Owen’s incredible pencil sketches are very well received as corporate donations. He is a pleasure to deal with and very accommodating”

Lorene Curre
CH4 Compression Services Ltd

“Since 2000 we’ve been using Owen’s prints for staff, fundraisers, and charities. The Pencilneck’s ® team has always gone the extra mile for us!”

Glenn Bohay
The Co-operators