Country Art Pencil Gallery

Welcome to The Pencilneck’s ® Country Art Prints Gallery!

Owen’s Country Art captures the feeling and sense of space that comes with growing up on a farm.

The Country Art Prints featured in this gallery are part of a series.

Click the thumbnails to see the country art!

SOLD OUT HARVEST 1954 - Farming artwork pencil drawing by Owen Garratt framed

The Country Art Drawing in a Series

STILL - Western art pencil drawing by Owen Garratt framed

The Second Art Print in a Series of Western Art

THE HUDDLE - horse drawing by Owen Garratt framed

The Third Drawing in a Series of Country Art

EXTRACT - Water Well Drilling Rig drawing by Owen Garratt framed

Water Well Drilling Rig Drawing

THE PRIZEFIGHTER - buffalo drawing bison Farm art pencil drawing by Owen Garratt framed

Buffalo Drawing by Owen Garratt

Country Art Gallery

Country Art Pencil Art Limited Edition Prints

A continuing series

C country art is a pretty broad term.

Like every other type of art, everyone’s experience with the subject matter is unique.

To me, it’s about the memories.

The smell of grandma’s bread. The itch of grain dust. Of finally being able to lift a bale with one hand when I was little. The livestock treated as family. Honest tomatoes and chickens.

But it’s not just my memories, it’s the memories or others, as told in their stories.


Artists and musicians are kindred spirits

Like Owen and country music artist John Rich from Lonestar and Big n' Rich.

Owen's also done portraits for Rock God Gene Simmons from KISS, and Micky Dolenz from The Monkees.

All were excellent chaps, and as Owen got his performance degree in music and spent his 20's on The Road playing music, they had lots to chit chat about: bad gigs, worse money, too many miles, gas station food, band conflicts, seedy hotels, and all the rest.

Until they found out Owen was a drummer; then they got a piteous look, began talking slower, and offered to cut up his meat for him...

Owen with John Rich from Lonestar and Big & Rich

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“Owen, Many thanks again for the fantastic print you made for the TMX pipeline project. It was wonderfully received and in hindsight I should have ordered more!

Your personal service to this undertaking meant a lot and your talent impressed all who were fortunate enough to get one of the prints. Thanks once more and I look forward to working with you again.”

Lloyd Morgan
Prism Inspection Services Inc

Windy Point by Owen Garratt