Owen Garratt was born in Regina, Canada in 1968 and has quickly become a full time, bestselling artist.

He’s done portraits for celebrities such as:

  • Rock Legend Gene Simmons
  • Businesswoman Ivanka Trump
  • MLB Record Holder “Ironman” Cal Ripken Jr.
  • Supermodel Kathy Ireland
  • Country Music Star John Rich
  • Barbara Corcoran from TV’s Shark Tank
  • Comedienne Joan Rivers
  • NFL Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith
  • Oscar Winning Producer Peter Guber
  • TV’s Original Batman Adam West
  • Magician and Entertainer Penn Gillette
  • Entertainment Legend William Shatner
  • Heavyweight Champ George Foreman
  • Rick Harrison from TV’s Pawn Stars, and more!

Over 1500 corporations across the U.S. and Canada have purchased his work, and his art is in collections around the world.

As Owen likes to put it, he’s “completely unencumbered by formal instruction” and his art is strictly black and white.

And he’s not the wild-haired, tie-dyed, over-emoting, flaky artist type; he’s a red meat eating, clean-shaven, six-foot guy next door.

“I drew a lot as a kid but as I hit my teens, I got into music, sports, and all of the other teenage stuff and the art got backburnered.”

“When I was 27, I drew a tiger for a Christmas present, and an argument with a girlfriend who hated it stung into proving myself. I sold over 900 prints of my very next drawing.  And that’s a little is puzzling, because those first drawings were so bad they nearly hung themselves!”

Since that first drawing, Owen has been a full-time artist.

“I was lucky that I got involved with my wife – The Colonel – early in my career, or it probably wouldn’t have got very far. The one thing all serious artists need is time…vast, selfish, astonishing amounts of time. Since they only give you 24 hours every day, an awful lot of important things can fall behind awful quick. Without her fending off life’s distractions, there’s no way that I could have the great spans of time and introspection that I need.”

“If it wasn’t for her, I think I’d be living in a tarpaper shack.”

“The events in my life, my marriage, becoming a father (three times!), the laughter with worthwhile people, bereavements, good songs, bad choices, onslaughts of challenges and occasional triumphs are all reflected in the drawings I create. The artwork may have nothing to do with the event, but every drawing is charged with the emotions of the time.”

“It’s like hearing that certain song come on the radio and BOOM – you’re right back in high school with a broken heart.”

“I’ve had thousands of conversations, letters, and emails that began with ‘this picture reminds me so much of…’”

“When art ‘clicks’ it triggers an emotional response. If the art can spark smiles and memories, there’s a real connection between art, artist, and viewer.”

“THAT’S why I do what I do, and why I go to the lengths that I go to; people only respond to Passion, Authenticity and The Authority of Experience.”

“My clients and members KNOW that I know.”

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