• Seventh Drawing in a series of Oil Field Pencil Art
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Oil Field Pencil Art of a rubbernecker watching an oil rig go up

Seventh drawing in a series of Oil Field Pencil Art

W  e’ve had an insurrection.

The Groovy Framing Elves™ – fully backed by the awesome might of The Colonel* – threatened to come at me with pitchfork and torch if I named my new oilfield drawing ‘Ex’ something.

An ‘anonymous’ note pinned to my desk with a dagger said:


 At first it was just kind of annoying, but this has got way out of hand.…

Signed: The Groovy You-Know-Whos…”

Evidently, with a half dozen pieces all beginning with the same prefix, everyone has to be on their toes, lest clients calling in find themselves trapped in a sort of Abbott and Costello routine…and while you’d think that’d be fun, The Elves Have Spoken. 


* My wife, if you’re just joining us…



Owen On Working

“I either work, or don’t work; I don’t do well if I dabble.

If I’m drawing, I can’t be distracted with phone calls, business meetings, or anything that isn’t directly related to the paper in front of me.

It doesn’t happen by accident, it has to be managed and planned out in advance, and all of the people around me have learned to allow for it, and know how to deal with whatever pops up.

However this has become a big issue since I became a Dad; my output has dropped precipitously…but Lego time has skyrocketed!

I figure I’ll be a crabby old man for a lot longer than I’ll be the Father of Little Boys, and I mean to get the most out of it.”

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Simon Mellor
DMG Events, Dubai, UAE

Offshore - commissioned artwork by Owen Garratt

Offshore by Owen Garratt

Additional Details

  • Published from an Original Pencil Drawing
  • Limited Edition of 1968 Prints
  • Artist's Proofs of 196 Proofs
  • Image Size 9 1/4" by 13 1/4"
  • Framed Size 20" by 24"
    © Owen Garratt


  • Exclusive Pencilneck ® Framing
  • Standard Engraved Plaque (customized plaque available)
  • Professional Hanging Kit
  • Signed and numbered Ltd Ed Print
  • Seal embossed over Owen's signature
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Care and Protection Information


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3 reviews for Rise

  1. Liam

    It feels like I’m there

    • The Pencilneck

      Thanks Liam!

  2. Sara Fields

    I would love to know about the inspiration behind this piece. I am just blown away as it looks so much like a picture my mother has with my father and uncle in it. I mean unless I really look at it, I can’t even tell it is a sketch!

    • The Pencilneck

      Thanks Sara! The inspiration was “Oh shoot! I need to draw another scene!” 😉

  3. Jasmine Hewitt

    I like this one

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