Framed - $479.00

  • Tenth in a series of Oil Rig Art
  • Limited Edition Print
  • Exclusive Pencilneck ® Framing!
  • Artist’s Proofs available
  • Original Drawing: $12,500


2 Lines available, Max 26 characters per line



Oil rig art depicting historic Dingman II, circa 1914

Tenth in a series of oil rig art

I sn’t it funny how people makes all kinds of excuses NOT to do things?

“It’s too expensive. It might not work. What if I don’t do it right?”

Weigh that against the folks who start entire industries. People rave on about Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs, and rightly so, but let’s be honest here: what they worked on wasn’t in danger of blowing up or raining bits of derrick around their heads.

Outside. In the elements. With their hands and backs.

My great-grandfather left England – by himself – at 14 years of age. Not because he was fleeing for his life or was being persecuted: because he wanted the adventure of it. The opportunities appealed to him. He worked hard – and smart – and soon earned enough to bring over his parents and brother.

So I’m afraid I have little patience for ‘indecision drama’; blown up fears and hand-wringing over non-issues, over making some kind of mistake, or the worst, worrying what “they’ll” say.

To paraphrase Ayn Rand: “How can you not know what you want to do?!”

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Superbowl Champs, World Series Champs, and Heavyweight Champs

What do Emmitt Smith, Cal Ripken Jr., and George Foreman all have in common?

Well yes, they all reached the pinnacle of their sports, but they also had portraits done by Owen Garratt!


Absolutely, but they all loved them, and you can have a portrait done for your superstar too!

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Companies who hire Owen to do an exclusive Limited Edition Print for them use the prints in several ways, but the effect is always the same: people love them.

And they love the companies who give them!

And the companies love:

  • how easy Owen and his team make the project (not their first rodeo)
  • they love how good they look for giving such impressive gifts
  • and they love how they came in under budget.

“THANK YOU for the fantastic work of art. You have provided us with a great way to help charities raise money, reward employees and show appreciation to our valued clients.”

Vince Haller
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Wide Open by Owen Garratt

Additional Details

  • Published from an Original Pencil Drawing
  • Limited Edition of 1968 Prints
  • Artist's Proofs of 196 Proofs
  • Image Size 9 1/4" by 13 1/4"
  • Framed Size 20" by 24"
    © Owen Garratt


  • Exclusive Pencilneck ® Framing
  • Standard Engraved Plaque (customized plaque available)
  • Professional Hanging Kit
  • Signed and numbered Ltd Ed Print
  • Seal embossed over Owen's signature
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Care and Protection Information


  • FREE SHIPPING in the Continental U.S. and Canada!
  • Shipped in our Custom Shipping Crates for full protection
  • Delivery by FedEX


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