• The third mini print in a series
  • Limited Edition Print
  • Exclusive Pencilneck ® Framing!
  • Artist’s Proofs: available
  • Original Drawing: SOLD OUT!


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Snake Charmer Drawing Print by Owen Garratt

This Snake Charmer drawing is the third in a series of mini prints

I n every drawing there’s a point where fatigue and eye strain send one into a sort of mild delirium – where things get a little Calvin and Hobbesian.

As I was drawing The Mesmerist, my mind wandered into wondering what the snake charmer’s experience was like as a child…

‘Mom! I want to be a snake charmer!’

‘Get that thing out of my house!’ Mom shrieks at the fresh Cobra he’s brought in.

‘But I want to be a snake charmer!’

‘Why can’t you just lie on a bed of nails like your father?’

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Publishing is an art in itself.

And Owen doesn't hand it off: he's there every step of the way.

Digitizing the drawing, pre-press, press checks, printing, curing, trimming and a 20 hour stretch of inspecting, numbering and signing.

You'd think that printing in black and white would be easier, but it's much, much more difficult.

Each of Owen's Limited Edition Prints get two separate printing plates burned, and gets "hit" with ink twice; one for black, one for a special proprietary ink tone that he's come up with himself...

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Additional Details

  • Published from an Original Pencil Drawing
  • Limited Edition of 1968 Prints
  • Artist's Proofs of 196 Proofs
  • Image Size 5" by 7"
  • Framed Size 13 5/8" by 15 5/8"
    © Owen Garratt


  • Exclusive Pencilneck ® Framing
  • Standard Engraved Plaque (customized plaque available)
  • Professional Hanging Kit
  • Signed and numbered Ltd Ed Print
  • Seal embossed over Owen's signature
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Care and Protection Information


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  • Shipped in our Custom Shipping Crates for full protection
  • Delivery by FedEX