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Welcome to the Official Website of The Pencilneck! ®

Here’s a quick walk-through of what you can find here.

This site gives you a pretty good example of The Pencilneck ® Experience – there’s lots of laughs, some good info, and some terrific, world class pencil drawings…and how does free shipping sound?

Under the bio tab in the menu bar you can find out all about Owen – did you know he’s partially colourblind and that’s why he began working in Pencil?  Under the same tab you can get a glimpse into The World of The Pencilneck ® with introductions to his wife The Colonel, their sons, the Groovy Framing Elves, the Spotty Internet Trolls, and even That Damn Cat.

The next tab is the Limited Edition Print Gallery where you can browse and purchase Owen’s best-selling prints published from his award-winning pencil drawings.

Underneath that is info on commissioning a portrait by Owen – he’s done pencil portraits for celebrities such as Gene Simmons, Joan Rivers, Ivanka Trump, Cal Ripken Jr., Kathy Ireland, John Rich and George Foreman.

Under that is the section on commissioning Owen’s for an exclusive Limited Edition Print.  Corporations around the world hire Owen to do special artwork just for them – and Owen only takes on four of these clients a year!

Then is a section on Owen’s original pencil drawings that command upwards of $12,000 each!

There’s also pages on our exclusive Pencilneck ® Picture Framing, available custom plaques for the prints, and even the shipping crates we use to get your art to you safely and in style!

You’ll also want to look around Owen’s blogs; there’re recipes, music reviews, movie reviews, and book reviews and Owen’s famous Adventures of The Pencilneck blog, which is milk-out-the-nose funny, as well as Owen’s art blog ‘More Artsy, Less Fartsy’.

All of our contact information is next, as well as a page where you can request a free catalogue, you can sign up for Owen’s famous newsletter, get info on our Easy as Pie Guarantee and we’ve even added a helpful Shipping FAQ.

The far right tab is our Gold Access Club.  Thousands of companies, from Fortune 500’s right down to mom and pop businesses use Owen’s prints for golf prizes, client gifts, holiday presents and more.  Membership is free and members save hundreds on every piece of art they buy, so if you’re looking for gifts in the $200 range, or even if you collect Owen’s pencil art, you’ll want to check it out.

Right below that is something I want to make sure you see – you can get an Owen Garratt Limited Edition Mini Print – appraised at $69 – for FREE!

So have a look around the site, be sure to claim your free mini print, and let us know how we can be of any service to you…thanks for stopping by!

Have fun!

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